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FIRE in the OVEN!

Yep, I was so focused on sending my first professional (well paid) voice over file to the production company that I not only forgot that I put a pizza in the oven, I also didn't hear the alarm go off, or notice that there was smoke coming out of the kitchen. Woah.

(Good news, a day later I was told that the VO was good and I got paid)!

Point is, whenever there is a big scare or a big "situation" that isn't the best in my life or in life, I tend to reflect not only on why it happened (in practical terms) so I make sure it never happens again but also the emotional landscape I was in that allowed it to happen in the first place.

Now, we know that our perception is based on the meaning we put to things and the emotional state we're in. Our perception is our reality. So whenever a situation that 'isn't the best' shows up; I want to ask myself "what could this mean?" 'That i'm an irresponsible piece of shit?' or could I say "thank you God or Universe for giving me this wake up call."Thank you for showing me or allowing me to ask myself to question "how do I make sure I'm truly a responsible adult?" CoInCidEnTaLly I had been toying around with this question the previous days. I did feel like I was finally making moves to be a responsible adult by reading about and taking courses on investing and our relationship to money- but was that enough? The key question is: How do I measure what being a responsible adult under my own terms means?

Moreover, looking at the meaning of the event- I could just say "oh the pizza was on fire" (it was). I chose the phoenix imagery. We can choose a meaning that is empowering. I chose to see it as a wake up call since nothing really happened to me or anyone aside from heavy clouds of smoke. I chose a phoenix that rises from the ashes, a turning point in my life, a point of no return: I will never again be in my previous state of bad relationship with money as has been shown by my finally 'getting my shit together' in terms of finances. That's how I am defining being a responsible adult at this point in my life; getting my finances in place.

My overall definition of being a responsible adult includes: being there for my family, working on my mission in life and keep adding value, and get my finances in order ooohhh and the cherry on top would be to go on holiday and invite my family with my own money.

I was shaken or shooketh after the fire/smoke incident. A valuable lesson I get from it is; if you need help, ask for it.

I called my sisters and we talked. My boyfriend was there for me and pushed me on to finish a self-tape (acting audition) close to midnight. And I did it, we did it! The sweetest thing was that I'd made sure to be there for my friends and family when they wanted someone to listen or some advice or help first, when I didn't need anything at all. After all, living is giving. It feels so good!

It takes a village to accomplish things so pat yourself on the back, you've made it this far and thank your lucky stars that you have people to chat with (online and/or offline). Gratitude is the secret to wealth. Because you can have everything you've ever wanted but if you're not grateful, are you really rich?

Define for yourself what success is. What did being a real responsible adult mean for me? It meant I had to get all my finances in order, savings plus investing and take it to the next level.

So here's to you, your journey, and your indispensable friends & family.

Laura Alessandra x


ps: I've aired out the space, everything's good :-) and lesson learnt ALWAYS PUT A TIMER even if you think you're starving and there's no way you would ever forget bc that was my faulty reasoning.

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