• Laura De Sommar


Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Yes, you love acting. You might even consider killing for the chance to be free to do acting (was that too far?)

The richer your inner life, the more precise your characters will be.

Be submerged in the world. Us, actors are incredibly curious creatures so it's a piece of cake.

Personally, I was so determined on being industrious that I thought all of who I am must go into making acting happen. And it's true, put that effort in, but don't forget to live your life.

There's a saying that both the best screenwriter I know, and my acting teacher at UCLA said - Hollywood will always be here. So take that 1 year time off, be with your family or have a kid. No one can take those incredibly rich experiences from you and you can always go back in.

MOMENTUM... Yes, it's real, like a plane taxiing for liftoff (in Spanish it's called Carretaje I just found out a week ago), your career can do that. But trust me, some things are transcendental and worth experiencing for yourself, not just your characters.

But then again, refer to my post #3: LISTEN TO YOURSELF.

You have to live with yourself. So if your inner voice is clear as hell telling you GO FORTH. Put X, Y or Z in the back burner while you tackle your career, then do that. If you need a pause, go do that.

You are the star in your own life movie.

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