• Laura De Sommar

SUNDAY thoughts on SEXISM.

😅For the many people who very kindly but also very removed from reality think men and women are already equal. <yes I’ve been told this many times in my life predominately by men I love or even female friends who live in a chauvinistic society and see nothing wrong in it*> Please take this QUIZ.

We all have blind spots or shortcomings. For our own common sense is based on our own life experiences. What may be common knowledge to me because I was born and raised in Peru and lived in UK for some time might be very alien to someone born and raised only in Sweden let’s say.

Let’s take time every day to grow - I challenge you to read 30 mins a day. No, not reading Posts on social media (yes like this one) but an actual book or audiobook. We must take time to learn, to feed our minds every single day.

Also, let’s be open to others’ life experiences and knowledge.

I have got so much to learn and I’m excited about this journey. Hope you’re excited by your own lifelong learning journey too!

*I was so unaware of the extent of sexism when I left my home country. I knew there had to be a better way of living but I didn’t know what was exactly wrong with the society (except corruption and lack of public education and healthcare), how exactly to fix society or if it could really be fixed. I know sexism is only one of the many issues in society. To get started on the subject, I recommend reading “The Second Sex” be prepared to be 🤯 to the extent we’re still in and dealing with this mess! Here’s a very short summary:

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